Icon set #2 «Material design»

Icon set, Slider

General theme or collection – Business. It contains 12 colourful icons with shadows and recommended «google» colors.

Icons are painted in Adobe Illustrator.

Every icon is made on a separate artboard and layer.


Parent file format — .ai

The zip archive contains:
2 files general set of icons — .ai and .eps AI10,
12 jpg files – 5000×5000 px – with saved IPTC data title, description and keywords
and 108 png files single icons of set on transparent background
in different sizes: (16×16, 20×20, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256, 512×512) px

Keywords for each icon:
1 wi-fi, internet
materal, style, wi-fi, material design, icon, shadow, sign, Internet, share, digital, link, light, hot, lap-top, phone, ipad, tablet, business

2 euro, money
euro, money, market, exchange, rate, trade, external economic, capitalization, profit, income

3 time, deadline
time, clock, delay, minute, second, hour, period, break, pause, meeting, vector, business, illustration, speed, symbol, watch, alarm, timer, cursor, commercial, slow, day, planning, stopwatch, 12, 24, financial, up

4 percent, rate
bank, market, trade, percentage, currency, share, growth, interest, investment, rate, price, exchange, retail, sale, promotion, success, measurement, wealth, marketing, earning, analyzing, progress, average, calculating, savings, shopping, bull, part

5 key, password
car, key, password, unlocking, security, lock, safety, vehicle, protection, locking, opening, tool, open, privileges, rescue, metal, template, attached

6 coffee break
coffee, drink, cup, temperature, breakfast, food, espresso, heat, break, cafe, hot, latte, restaurant, morning, cappuccino, mocha, caffeine, black, steam, weekend, saucer, energy, drinking, brown, lunch, liquid, time, chocolate

7 check mark «accept»
voting, ok, check, choice, yes, mark, receiving, form, positive, agreement, correct, choosing, asking, confirm, decisions, right, no, approved, button, element, solution, checkbox, item, exam, question, confirmation, box, daw, add

8 idea, mind
bulb, light, idea, mind, ideas, lightning, lamp, brainstorming, electric, creativity, thinking, motivation, inspiration, innovation, success, strategy, illuminated, power, energy, contemplation, think, danger

9 pen, sign
pen, pencil, sign, graphic, writing, paper, office, studying, education, ink, graduation, list, black, examining, university, literature, plan, contract, drawing, interview, lecture, , messaging, profile, tutorial, teacher, correspondence

10 note, planning
binder, page, date, file, pad, day, bonding, list, data file, notebook, calendar, organizer, diary, month, writing, planning, personal, note, tabs, empty, paper, itemize, tabbed, routine, today, book, checklist

11 sector, share
sector, element, share, marketing, diagram, circle, info graphic, presentation, percentage, section, progress, part, graphic, graph, chart, visualization, cycle, bar, info, model, growth

12 settings, tools
settings, tools, gear, equipment, customized, power, push, industry, software, machinery, app, application, adjusting, start, time, mobile, toolbox, interface, turning, development

General keywords for set:
vector, business, illustration, symbol, commercial, financial, concepts, idea, ideas, set, icon, icons, sign, web, collection

It has the most important feature according to Steve Job’s opinion – they look so good you’ll want to lick them. Bon appetit!

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